Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Oh my gosh, it's 2009!!!! How can it be?????

I continue to live a blessed life. Is it perfect? Not quite! But it's blessed all the same.

As I begin the new year, my resolution is to STUDY the Word and actually memorize it! I KNOW what a comfort it is to be IN HIS WORD, so I am committing to be there this year! I'm also going to try to life a healthier life style - less junk food - more exercise. I am going to TRY to live in a moderate way - not sure I can do it!

I am also committing to write a few children's books this year. I have been TALKING about it long enough, it's time to ACT!!!

Thank you for taking this journey through life with me! God bless your New Year!

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